Premier Bet Malawi: A Review of the Leading Sportsbook

Premier Bet Bonus for Malawian players
Premier Bet is one of the leading sportsbooks in Malawi. We’ve explored everything that Premier Bet has available on their website. In our Premier Bet Malawi review, we’ve also examined every facet of their service to see if there’s anything that might work better and what they do to a high standard.

Premier bet Malawi

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📲 How To Sign Up For Premier Bet in Malawi

You can register for Premier Bet Malawi in just a handful of simple steps:

  1. Go to website of Premier Bet Malawi
  2. Select “Register”
  3. Once you have selected this option, it will bring you to the first page where you enter your details. This is basic information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, and password; your registration is complete, and your Premier Bet experience can begin.
  4. Deposit money into your account and start placing your bets in an instant. Here, you can enter any bonuses you have or proceed without a bonus code and utilize any offers.

You can sign up for Premier Bet on an iOS or Android device. The simplicity and ease at which you can sign up has driven a lot of the popularity of Premier Bet and turned it into such a popular brand in Malawi, despite all the bookmaker options that now exist online with casino and sports betting.

🎁 Premier Bet Bonuses and Promotions

The current Premier Bet bonus involves a playthrough of up to 5x your initial stake. If you plan on playing multiple games via this operator, this doesn’t pose too much of a problem for you. The bonus itself matches any deposits of up to 50,000 MWK within the first 14 days of registering for their service.

Premier Bet Bonus for Malawian players

While many casino companies will tailor their bonus to your gambling preferences by designing welcome bonuses or promotions specific to online casino games like poker or slots, this particular Premier Bet offer can be used across the entirety of the service.

As stated in the terms, so long as you meet the requirements, such as being 18 or over, and you’re happy to play 5x your initial stake before withdrawing, then this Premier Bet bonus will enhance your experience. /vc_column]

⚽️ How to Place a Bet with Premier Bet

Although the competition in the digital online gambling world continues to become more fierce, Premier Bet has benefitted immensely from establishing its business over 20 years ago.

So, despite companies trying to get involved in this sector, having a recognisable name, logo and longstanding reputation amongst gamblers goes a long way in keeping a steady stream of casino and sports bettors regularly coming back to the site.

These Sports Betting Markets are Available at Premier Bet in Malawi

Once you have registered following the steps above, and you have deposited your money, you can explore a vast range of sport betting markets and place your wagers on sports such as:

  • 🏏 Cricket
  • ⚽️ Football
  • 🏀 Basketball
  • 🎾 Tennis
  • 🥅 Handball
  • 🥊 Boxing
  • 🏈 American Football
  • 🎯 Darts
  • 🎮 eSports
  • 🎱 Snooker

You can bet on individual selections or markets and explore several other sports too. Or, if you’d rather place a bet on a specific outcome involving a score, a player, or the team or club you support, then many tools available at Premier Bet will assist you.

What Bets are Available at Premier Bet?

Various bets are available to you depending on the type of sport you bet on. You can explore handicap betting markets, where you can explore the fixtures and place a bet on the team that you think is a strong favourite. Instead of placing a bet on the outright market or which team you think will win, you can select the winning margin and increase your odds.

By exploring form, previous results, and head to head performance, you can attempt to use the information to your advantage. In addition, you can use social media and tipsters to see how others might be approaching the same bet.

A similar market that focuses on the amount of points or goals scored is the under/over market, which combines the end result, and you can bet on whether you think it will be over or under a specific amount.

Outright markets include the outcome of tournaments, where your bet can stretch over the course of a number of weeks, and this is a popular market for people who like to bet on soccer, tennis, or any other sport that consists of large tournaments with dozens of matches, such as Wimbledon or the World Cup, etc.).

What to Consider when Placing a Bet

The navigation and layout of the Premier Bet interface mean that it is a lot easier to browse your choices and the section or sections of sports betting that most suit your gambling style. However, regardless of the bet you decide and the reasons behind it, you must remember that sports betting involve games of chances.

At the same time, you might give yourself a marginal edge if you thoroughly understand the sport, but that doesn’t mean your bet is guaranteed to win. By design, the house always has the edge, regardless of whether it’s a game of online poker or a bet on a sport, so even if you go in armed with the facts, an upset can always unfold.

Some bettors believe they are able to identify the opportunity in the market, but this isn’t the case. Ensuring you keep your gambling fun, light, and entertaining is the formula to make the most of your venture.

🎰 Casino Betting Markets At Premier Bet

Most casino operators would be content with this selection. However, in addition to this extensive sportsbook selection, you can also bet on virtual sports and a substantial range of casino games on offer.

  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Lotto Games
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Slots (Video, jackpot, and progressive)
  • Scratch Cards
  • Virtual Table Games

As you can see, the number of gaming categories on this list varies enormously, and it is this level of choice that has brought so many gamblers looking to seek out why Premier Bet’s platforms and products have attracted such wide praise.

This range of gameplay options makes Premier Bet one of the top websites for those looking to play casino games and bet on their favourite sport or unlock casino cash prizes. Given that they have expanded so impressively to so many locations across the continent, it shouldn’t be too shocking that they have a broad range of sport betting and live casino games.

✈️ Is Aviator available at Premier Bet in Malawi?

Yes, the popular crash game is available at Premier Bet in Malawi. Players can play the game on any device as it is optimised for mobile and desktop.

Premier bet Aviator

Aside from Aviator, you can also find other popular crash games such as JetX and CrashX. This wide selection of games is one of the main selling points of Premier bet Malawi.

🛡️ How secure is Premier Bet?

Of all the betting apps we have surveyed over the last few years, the service at Premier Bet Malawi is as solid as any.

Truthfully, it’s extremely rare to come across a sportsbook that takes shortcuts with security and privacy. Although this should be the attitude that businesses take in a variety of different sectors, some will chance their luck and cut corners to save costs.

The Importance Of Security

When it comes to privacy and security, there should be no corners cut, and many gambling companies understand just how crucial this is to the successful operation of their business.

If a casino or sports betting company develops a reputation for poor security or their server is subject to an attack by cybercriminals, this will result in a serious breach. Such a serious event could result in a fine and could potentially cost them tens of millions.

From a business perspective, it is crucial that your data is kept secure, which is why Premier Bet ensures they keep up to date with the latest version of encryption and anti-malware security.

💳 Available Payment Options At Premier Bet in Malawi

Premier Bet has a range of options for you to choose from, so you’re not stuck with one avenue of depositing money onto their site.

Payment methods at Premier Bet Malawi

Bank Transfers

A bank transfer is the most popular way to deposit at Premier Bet. You can deposit using Airtel Money, and other banks include Malawi National Bank and FDH Bank.

At Premier Bet, depositing your funds via bank transfer is the preference of millions of gamblers looking to play poker, roulette, and slots or to place a football bet.

Pre-Paid Voucher & Card

Casinos and sports bettors add another dimension of security to their accounts by using pre-paid vouchers and cards. Instead of using credit card numbers and handing over sensitive numbers and expiry dates, a quick application for a pre-paid voucher and receiving a code (usually within the hour) is a quick way for gamblers to control what information Premier Bet holds on them.

As we have already discussed, the chances of a large and credible casino like Premier Bet falling foul of a hack is highly unlikely. However, for those gamblers who want to protect themselves from this scenario, however unlikely it may be, a pre-paid card or voucher is a good idea.

This means that the only financial information held on the server is a voucher number, which becomes redundant once you have deposited your money, played your casino game, or placed your sports bet.

📞 Customer Support At Premier Bet

The live chat is Premier Bet’s most popular method for customers seeking support. Suppose you have any issues with depositing funds or any problems withdrawing your cash. In that case, you’ll be able to speak to somebody straight away via the English-speaking customer service desk within business hours to raise your issue.

However, some big names in the industry recently switched to a customer service desk, which is available 24/7. You can discuss your query, browse the FAQ section, or call up the customer service desk if you’re not content with filling out a form and waiting for a response.

If your question is of a non-urgent nature, you can also e-mail the team, who will usually respond within 24 hours. Although we didn’t have any serious issues when we used Premier Bet, the live chat was helpful, but not being able to contact them live and directly outside of business hours is something that is clearly lacking.

📱 Premier Bet Mobile App

In today’s market, having a casino provider with a high-quality app will convince new customers to start using the service. The Premier Bet mobile app works across a string of different devices, compatible with iOS and Android.

So, for those gamblers who use their iPhone or iPad to place a bet on an Android tablet, the Premier Bet app is easy to use, has a slick interface, and handles a large percentage of the 5 million bets placed daily via their service. In fact, the app itself has over 1 million individual downloads.

Given that there are over two dozen sports markets available and the in-play cash-out is one of the top options when you place a sports bet when you gamble using your mobile phone, there have been copious amounts of time, energy, money, and resources placed into ensuring that the Premier Bet mobile app is one of the best around.

All-Round Quality

The controls for the casino games also work well on mobile devices. While mobile apps are the number one choice for those looking to partake in some slot gaming, millions of gamers prefer to play live casino table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette on iPads and Android tablets. 

❓ Premier Bet FAQ

Below are some of the most common questions that people ask about the Premier Bet online casino and sports betting service. Although some are specific to the company itself, the majority are the types of questions you’ll find that people ask about other casino companies.

Who Owns Premier Bet?

The company started as a UK-based gambling company in the early 2000s. Notable figures who have worked for the company include current Brentford FC chairman Matthew Benham. However, the company has split into different sections, with different corporate managers operating different arms of the business.

Is Ogabet The Same As PremierBet?

Although analysts and gamblers may leave the space out of Premier Bet, they refer to the same company. In Nigeria, Premier Bet is better known as Ogabet, but again, Ogabet is owned by Premier Bet. The same applies in the UK, where the household name Betway also has an attachment to Premier Bet.

So, while there is a link between these companies, they all act as their own separate entities, and you’ll find that many digital casino gaming platforms and sports betting companies are structured in this way.

What Are Premier Bets Core Products & Services?

As we have already touched on today, Premier Bet has a strong presence right across gambling markets. Irrespective of whether it is casino gaming or sports betting, the sport betting market is up there with some of the most varied we’ve come across. By emphasising the quality of this service and ensuring that they offer the type of range you’d find at some of the world’s most prominent digital casinos, Premier Bet has explored markets, especially in Africa, that have been untapped for a long time.

Now that they have a base of over 10 million customers, in hindsight, it might have seemed like an obvious move. However, due to regulations and other gambling laws, this wasn’t a guaranteed success when Premier Bet started to move into casino and sports betting markets in Africa around a decade ago.

Can I Place Sports Bets And Play Casino Games On The Mobile App?

Yes, as we have alluded to, if a company doesn’t have a strong mobile casino and sportsbook service you can use to place your bets and play roulette, blackjack, or poker, then it is at a stark disadvantage compared to its competitors. Without having a strong app, this is a surefire way of losing ground to other companies and could heavily stagnate the business in the long term.

Where Can I Find The Terms And Conditions For Premier Bet?

Once you open the mobile app or home page, you can find full details of the terms and conditions right at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the terms and conditions of a bonus code that you have just used, you can find this on the “promos” tab, which is again on the home page. It’s always wise to check out the terms and conditions of any bonus bet just to ensure you aren’t stung by any nasty surprises and can only use your bonus code on one game or one type of bet.

Premier bet Malawi

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