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Botswana is a landlocked country in South Africa. It is landlocked among other countries like Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and others. It is culture-rich and is famous for its the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta. In Botswana, elephant safaris and other wildlife safaris.

When it comes to gambling, Botswana is very open about online gambling. It is permitted and is not illegal to gamble online. Also, there are no licensed online casinos in Botswana due to the lack of online gambling laws. However, the people of Botswana are free to gamble on online casinos, and this is where bet365 Botswana gets interesting. It is only recently that casino gambling has been made legal in Botswana.

Pertaining to this, if you indulge in betting in bet365 Botswana, it is safe and legal to do so. People of Botswana are welcomed on bet365 to enjoy sports betting and also play casino games.

Here is more about bet365 Botswana and what you can expect as a Botswana player/bettor.

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About bet365 Botswana

The people of Botswana are very keen on sports. They are super excited about football leagues. Not only this, but they also enjoy playing and watching cricket, tennis, rugby, badminton, softball, golf, and track and field events.
If you ask which sport Botswana people love to place bets on, the answer would be football.

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Sports betting in Botswana is not restricted as no laws govern the same.
bet365 is one such online sportsbook that allows people of Botswana to bet and have fun. If you are into online gambling, Bet365 needs no formal introduction. It is one of the most popular sportsbook platforms. Let’s know more about it in detail.

bet365 Botswana Sportsbook Overview

Botswana people are crazy about football. It also has a football team that is governed by Botswana Football Association. They haven’t qualified for FIFA once yet, but this hasn’t stopped them or their people from admiring the sport.

They enthusiastically indulge in football betting and also in other sports betting. They do qualify for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations. Besides football, Botswana people have shown great interest in cricket. Their love for cricket is beginning to expand more and more.
Don’t be surprised if you find Botswana people betting on IPL or other popular cricket leagues like Ashes.

bet365 takes pleasure in being able to allow Botswana people to bet on a diverse variety of sports. At bet365, you can place bets on over 30 different sports events and thereafter over thrice more on the number of leagues of each sport. bet365 treats its all bettors equally. It provides exclusive bonuses and offers for people of different countries, including Botswana, from time to time.

Key Features Of bet365 Botswana Sportsbook

As you open the bet365 official site, you can see the sportsbook laid out front. An online sportsbook should necessarily have to be uncluttered and straightforward to use due to the variety of elements in it.

bet365 portrays every element well without making bettors fuss about anything. Even for beginners with no sports betting knowledge, the website is user-friendly and self-explanatory.

On the left menu, you can easily see the varied sports events listed. You start by selecting the sport you want to bet on. All sports are available to bet on, no matter where you hail from. That being said, Botswana people will be able to bet on international sports as well.

Massive Sports Market

For Botswana people, football would be the most approached sport. You will find American Football on top of the list. As you tap on it, you will find two tabs. The one displays everything about the sport i.e. the different leagues and matches available to bet on. The next tab is the in-play tab that allows you to place bets on live matches.

If you are interested in other football leagues, you have to select soccer as the sport. Thereon you can find various other football from around the world, like English Premier Leagues, Bundesliga, Spanish Leagues, FIFA, and many others.
The same goes for every other sport like darts, basketball, horse racing, golf, cricket etc.

bet365 Betting Options For Players From Botswana

If you are into online sports betting, you would have probably gone around betting on the different sportsbooks. If yes, we are sure you noticed the diversity of betting options that bet365 has cannot be found elsewhere.

It is known for different creative and exclusive betting options that add to the fun of betting. Bettors and punters from Botswana can take full advantage of every betting option on bet365 Botswana. At bet365 Botswana, you can see the different betting options under the section Markets as you scroll down. For instance, if you are betting on football, you can find markets like popular, Asian lines, Cards, Goals, Specials, and many others.

Each of these markets has a variety of betting options under it.

But that’s not all. bet365 Botswana comes with other amazing betting features, unlikely to find in another sportsbook. These includes:

Bet Builder

The key and USP of bet365 is the Bet builder. A bet builder is a betting feature that allows players to combine more than one bet option. Combining more betting options means more risk logically, resulting in more payouts and greater fun.

For instance, in the case of football, you can create a bet using bet builder combining the total goals and early goals.

bet365 allows you to combine up to 12 sections in a single bet. You can’t edit your bet in a bet builder and is placed through the bet builder especially. The process is straightforward and convenient to use.

Bet Accumulator

A Bet Accumulator is a step ahead of Bet Builder. This betting feature is for sports lovers that love to watch multiple sports and matches at the same time. If you can watch two to three sports simultaneously, you can also bet on them together.

So, a Bet Accumulator on bet365 is known as Acca Bets. The process is again simple and easy to follow. A Bet Accumulator allows you to place bets on different selections of bets from different leagues and sports by combining them into a single bet.

After combining your bets, your payout will be listed, which is normally higher than the standard payout. bet365 also provides an Accumulator Bonus for new users on certain sports, which is a great way to get started.

In-Play Betting

So, in-play betting has become quite a popular and a go-to feature in sportsbooks now. With the in-play betting feature, the punters and bettors are allowed to place bets during the match. This increases the chances of getting a bet prediction hit right.

According to players, this is a great way to increase their winnings and for sportsbook, it is a great way to allow more players to place bets. In-play betting at bet635 is easy as it has a separate tab for the same. Everything is listed appropriately with proper graphics to alleviate the experience.


Cash out is an important feature for bettors to limit their losses or eliminate them fully. At bet365, you cash out fully as well as partially. It also provides an Auto Cash out feature and Colossus cash out.

Cash-out allows players to withdraw their placed bets before the final outcome. This helps players cancel their bets. Auto Cash out allows you to automatically cancel your placed bet if the following bet crosses your loss threshold. Even in Auto cash out, you can cash out fully or partially. Colossus cash out is available on certain types of sports like racing. In Partial cash out, you can choose to cash out some part of your bet money while leaving the remaining at stake.

My Alerts

bet365 also has this impressive feature made in favor of the bettors. The My Alerts feature allows bettors to notify the key moments of the match you have placed your bet on. For instance, if a goal is made, you will be notified of the same.

This allows you to place bets and forget about them, as My Alerts will let you know when you must focus.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is another feature that has become a key to a popular online sportsbook. It’s pretty inconvenient to switch screens while watching matches and placing bets at the same time.

Therefore, live streaming allows you to see the live match and place bets in-play at the same time without missing out on important moments. At bet365, you can watch the live streaming for free if you have placed any bet in the last 24 hours via it. You can also watch it for free if you have deposited some amount in your bet365 account.

You need to Log in first to enjoy the live streaming.

bet365 Botswana Mobile

Apps and screen responsive online sportsbook platforms are a crucial part of any sportsbook success. Before anyone else, bet365 knew the future needs and made its platform available on mobile.

bet365 is responsive on all screen sizes without any glitches. It can be opened through the mobile browser or through its mobile app as well. The bet365 mobile app is available for both iOS and Android users to download from the respective store on their mobile devices. bet365 provides special offers and bonuses for its mobile users from time to time. Also, they will be able to enjoy the same experience of betting as on desktops or laptops.

The bet365 mobile app is available to download in Botswana as well. Mobile optimization provides a go-to experience in betting without missing out on any action.

bet365 Botswana Customer Support

Are you stuck somewhere while playing bets or withdrawing or winnings? Whatever it be, bet365 provides round-the-clock customers support for its users. Its dedicated customer support responds to queries in multiple languages.

At bet365, customer support is available through live chat, email, and call. You can place from any part of the world, and your queries can be resolved quickly.

bet365 Botswana: Final Review

bet365 is one of the few online sportsbooks that laid the foundation before online sports betting became popular. It carries a legacy with itself that allows players to trust it blindly.

As online betting involves financial risk, any betting platform can lose its credibility in no time if it is not found safe to use. bet365 can build its reputation all these years and is named amongst the few top online sportsbooks worldwide.

bet365 has also extended its reach by adding a live casino to its platform. Undoubtedly, bet365 is properly licensed, registered, and follows proper safety regulations to keep its player private information confidential. The deposit and withdrawal process is easy and safe as well. Also, it favours responsible gambling, which is essential to not allow its users to get into the habit of gambling to get loans for the same.

Apart from this, its unique features that include In-play betting, Bet Builder, Bet Accumulator, live streaming keeps it on top of the choice list of many expert bettors and even beginners from Botswana.

Also, it comes up with new offers and bonuses for its new users that can make it interesting for new users. It also has an Audio section where you can listen to live commentary on sports like horse racing, cricket, soccer, and more. The customer support is impressive. If you want to look for current promotions, you can go to Extras, and you will find the range of discounts and bonuses available for betting on different sports. It also provides a variety of deposit methods, including popular e-wallets of your particular region. You can use debit and credit cards to make deposits as well. The withdrawals are limited to a bank transfer, debit, and credit cards only. There is no processing fee involved.

bet365 Botswana FAQs

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Yes, absolutely. You can bet on all sport categories at bet365 Botswana.

bet365 is very serviceminded and provides a round-the-clock customer support.

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